Health & Harmony

An Integrated Wellness Center

Our Mission

Health & Harmony is a resilience center focused on the integrated health of individuals and youth with an emphasis on creative expression.

Our goal is to support our patients on their journey to wellness and wholeness.

As a team, we help our patients create new behavioral patterns, support their physical and mental health and find outlets to express themselves creatively.

Compassionate & Comprehensive

Integrated Healthcare

With compassion and a listening ear, our experienced and caring professionals work alongside you to create an individualized treatment plan unique to your needs. Each assessment takes place in a comfortable, quiet, and neutral environment with one of our expert team members to create a comprehensive plan for you. Our assessments are confidential and tailored to each person. We are dedicated to helping you build resilience and achieve stability and independence. We strive to provide professional aid, high-quality therapy, compassionate counseling, and resources to rebuild your life and help you reach your full potential. We promise to walk alongside you through your journey to wellness.

Health & Harmony

Art, Music and Self Expression

Expressive Art therapy, as a non-pharmacological medical complementary and alternative therapy, has been used as one of medical interventions with great clinical effects on mental disorders. Studies have shown that expression through art can help those with trauma, depression, anxiety, and stress. Art has also been linked to improved memory, reasoning, and resilience. The best part is, art is something everyone can participate in. Art and creative expression do not prescribe to any particular set of norms and is unique to each and every one of us. Come create, self-express, explore your gifts, and learn new ones all under the guidance of our creative team!

We Care

~ Our Patient Promise ~

At Health & Harmony, personal connection is essential.

We commit to providing high-quality care and personal attention to anticipating and meeting your individual needs. We promise to listen to and honor your perspectives. We promise to integrate your knowledge, experiences, values, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds into the planning and delivery of your healthcare. We promise to communicate with you in ways that are affirming and useful.

We promise to treat you as a person, with dignity and respect.

Being in our care means receiving expert care with the genuine compassion that’s essential for true physical and emotional well-being. Here, you are not defined by who you were, but by what you can become.

We invite you to help us make clinic-wide changes and improvements in how we care for patients, in policies, and program development. Our mission is to guide, facilitate, educate, communicate and support all efforts to embrace patient and family-centered care.

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